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"I. . ." she skidd her board to a stop. "I'd love to... but It doesn't work like that. I'm a ward of the state. If I went missing, they'd know. They'd look for me. I cant just leave."

Donnie thought for a moment, trying to think of a plan

"Unless they find some long lost aunt I never knew about or I get miraculously adopted, theres no escape." she scoffed a little, "like that's ever going to happen." She kicked her board and started moving again.

"They would need to see someone in person." Donnie stated

"Yeah," she said. "Someone human. Someone with a stable job and no criminal background with a house and money. It's not as easy as making a phonecall."

Donnie sighed, "can we track down some family?"

"My parents were both only children and my grandparents are  pushing up daisies. I'm sorry, Donnie, but there's no way to help." She didn't look back at him. "It's alright though. I'm used to it."

"What if find your brothers?"

"That would be a dream come true, Donnie, but I can't ask you to put yourself in danger like that. I don't even know if they're still. . . around." Her voice cracked.

"Let's see what we can do," Donnie said, "we are elite ninjas, it won't be a problem."

"You can't bring people back from the dead..." she said coldly.

"And if they aren't dead?" Donnie asked.

Kala hit a pebble and got thrown off her board. She wasn't paying attention. She skid on her knees and her board flipped over, the wheels turning rapidly

"KALA!" Donnie yelled running over to her

"I'm fine!" she yelled, standing up. Her jeans were ripped and her knees were scrapped. "I'm. . .fine"

"Kala tell me the number to your caretaker, no questions."

She was crying. "It's. . . on my phone." she handed it to Donnie. "It's under 'Evil Controlling Bitch"

"Great, and what is the name of the person who will be picking up?"

"Dean Marci. . ."

"She's gonna flip put when a strange man calls from my phone..."

"I'm calling from mine, it's not traceable."

"What are you going to say?" she sounded worried.

"Does she know about Mikey?"

"No. . ." she looked away "She doesn't care to know. She doesn't care what I do as long as I don't get her in trouble, and I'm back before one am. . .which im late, thanks for that." Donnie dialed the number, "Donnie, your going to get me in trouble. . ." the phone rang.

"Hello Ms. Marci?" Donnie said.

"Hello, this is the Manhattan Home for Troubled Teens, This is the dean speaking. How can I help you?"

"This is Dr. Hamato, Kala has been volunteering with me at the children's hospital, and I am sorry I have kept her later today"

"Excuse me? Kala Neutrino? I was unaware of her volunteering."

"Yes Kala Neutrino, it was approved," Donnie lied.

"Was it?" It sounded like she was sorting through papers. "Well, doctor, you should know the children here have a strict 1:00 AM curfew."

"I am sorry, the patient she was assigned to suffered a seizure, and she had to remain with him until help arrived, it was right before she left, it was a serious matter."

"I see. . . well, don't let it happen again. I expect to see her home as soon as possible." Kala looked worried.

"I assure you it will not happen again. You have my word," Donnie said.

"Well, thank you for calling to let me know, Dr. Hamato. Should I send a car to get her? Which hospital did you say you were at again?"

"I am driving her home in my personal car. I felt bad keeping her it's the the least I could do."

"Okay, well I expect to see her home soon," the dean said.

"Five minutes," Donnie said with confidence.

"Alright. Thank you," the dean responded.

"It is not a problem," Donnie replied. "good bye"

"Good bye" She hung up. Kala looked up at him.

"Okay so I lied," Donnie said, "but she sounded okay with it"

"Yeah, untill she realizes theres nothing in her paperwork about it, and theres no such Doctor Hamato at the alleged children's hospital. . ." she looked down. "Thanks though. You got me off the hook, for now."

"We will be more carful next time, I'm sorry, now,  how close are we? I promised five minutes."

"Well. . ." she looked around, trying to remember which tunnel they were in. "That exit there should lead to the dollar store across the street from the park right? That's about a five minute skate."

"Well guess you are getting a turtle ride," Donnie said smiling

"Huh?" Kala was confused.

"Climb on my carapace, I can run fast than your can skate."

"Oh, alright. . ." She attached her board to her backpack and hessitantly got on Donnie's shell. "Are you sure? I'm kinda heavy. . ."

It was too late, Donnie took off at full speed. She couldn't help letting out a scream and clinging to Donnie for dear life. "I do have ears you know," Donnie said. She tucked in close to his neck and grabbed her hat off her head before it blew off. Panting slightly Donnie stopped a little ways from the the building.

Kala got off of him trying to catch her breath "gnarly. . ." she laughed.

"See you tomorrow kid," Donnie said.

"Yeah," She smiled a little. "Thank for listening. . ."

"Any time you need an ear," Donnie smiled.

"Your welcome," She nodded.

Donnie walked back into the lair. Leo looked up, "hey, is she home?"

"Yup. she's home," Donnie said.

"Mikey's still asleep. He's using your blanket if that's alright," Leo said.

"No that's fine," Donnie said. "Leo I have a question"

"What is it?" Leo asked.

"Well more like a story first"

"Shoot." Leo sat on the couch.

"Kala lives in an orphanage. I want to help get her out," Donnie admitted.

"What are you planning to do Don? It's not like we can adopt her. If you haven't noticed, were not really the ideal parents."

Donnie sighed, "I don't know"

"I'm sure its not that bad. Orphanages aren't as bad as thy make them out to be on television. It's the best place for her, Donnie."

"I guess," Donnie said trying to speak above Raph's snores

"Plus, she's a big girl, I'm sure shes fine."

She didn't look fine the way she was crying. . .

"Leo, we need to help her. She had the dean of that place under evil controlling bitch, on her phone"

Leo couldn't help chucking "She's a teenager. All teenagers think that way about superiors. You heard her "rules are for sqares""

"I hope you are right," Donnie said.

"Your just worrying too much. She's home and she's safe. Thats whats important."


You should relax, Donnie. It's been a tough day."

"Yeah Leo, you're right"

"I always am," Leo smiled.

Donnie sat down at his computer. He was going to find a way to keep Kala out of that place. He was going to send a letter she was requested to been requested to a guardian of a patient who suffers seizers, by a rich family that wants her to stay with them

He thought for a moment, "that's a stupid idea"

What's what worst she could say no? if that was the case then he would find another way

The next morning Leo was making cereal because hes not allowed to cook anything else

Donnie walked out of his room and yawned, "I'ma check on Mikey…."

Leo gave him a thumbs up from the kitchen. Donnie walked into the room with his med bag to see Mikey was awake,

"Morning Donnie," Mikey said smiling.

"Hey buddy, how you feeling?" He pulled up the chair

"Still like shell"

Donnie smiled, "Youll feel better soon. Need some pain killers?"

"Yeah, I have a headache," Mikey said.

"Let me check your vitals just in case, alright?"

Mikey groaned, "really?"

"Its a precaution. You know how it goes." he pulled out his stethescope.

Mikey sighed. Donnie took Mikey's vitals and jotted them down. He pulled out the aspirin and handed him a water bottle.

"Am I gonna live doctor?" Mikey ask dramatically.

Donnie laughed, "Just barely. There is something you might wanna be concerned about. Your skin seems to be green and all your hair has fallen out." he teased.

"Aww shell," Mikey laughed.

"I fear you might be... a turtle." he said dramatically.

"NO!" Mikey cried out laughing.

Donnie laughed and rubbed his head. "You want some breakfast, Mikey?" he asked

"sure," Mikey smiled.

"Eggs or pancakes?" he asked as he packed up his med supplies.

"Pancakes," Mikey said as he noticed a black smudge on his pillow, "hey what's this?"

"Hm?" donnie looked up. His heart dropped. "Oh, thats just mascara."

"From who?"

"Kala" He said as he zipped up his bag.

"She was here!? When!?"

"Yesterday. You had plans with her so she dropped by, no big deal." He got up

"She was here….yesterday….'

"mmhmm. do you want blueberries?"

"Did she see….."

"No, she wasn't here when you seized, but she helped take care of you afterwards. We explained everything to her, it's okay."

Mikey was breathing heavily, "She was here…and took care of me…. what did you tell her?"

"Just about your seizures... and why your different than us... and pretty much our entire backstory. She had alot of questions. It's alright though, she wasn't freaked out or anything."

The thought crosses mikey's mind, her mascara came off, it does that when she cries, "she was crying….."

"Oh, yeah, a little. She was worried about you, thats all."

Mikey has only seen her cry once before and it was when she was talking about her parents. "What else happened!?"

Donnie waved his hand. "Dont worry about it Mikey, you need to rest."

"Don't worry! My best friend sees me after a seizure and you tell me don't worry!"

"Donniiiiiieeeee" Leo called from his room. "Come here for a moment."
once again owe my life to *Tenshilove
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