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September 7, 2013
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Leo asked Splinter for extra training sessions, Raph and Donnie thought he was crazy. With the edition of Mikey to the family two years ago Leo wanted to be sure he could protect his baby brother the best he could and that meant more training. Leo sighed and he laid down the the couch. Today’s session was rough. He was tired and did not want to move. Leo could hear rough footsteps, he know it was Mikey who still had some difficulty walking. Leo turned his head to see Mikey holding his bottle and his stuffed turtle a blanket.

Mikey pushed over the small chair he sat on and used it as a step stool. He handed Leo the bottle and the stuffed turtled and then laid the blanket over Leo.

Leo raised and eye brow as Mikey stepped offer and move the the chair down slightly.

Climbing back on Mikey was now by Leo’s head. He climbed on his his Leo forehead the way everyone did when putting Mikey to bed. “Night-night ‘Eo,” Mikey said.

Leo smiled, “Mikey come here,” he said pulling Mikey onto the couch, “want to take a nap with me?” Leo laid his baby brother on his plastron and placed one hand on his carapace to keep the smaller turtle stable.

Mikey yawned and fought the sleepiness, but it quickly came over him.

Bringing a blanket over the two of them Leo soon was sleeping as well.
just a little drabble
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*gushes* aww that's too cute! Well done! :D
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Baby Mikey. *sighs from cuteness* too KAWAII!!!Heart Love 
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Leo is very protective there, and a really good older brother as well.
Culinary-Alchemist Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
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My gosh this is so adorable. :)
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