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Chapter 2: We Need to Find Him
Mikey struggled. He was tied to a chair and his head was hurting. Shredder was standing over him. Their eyes met. Mikey looked into his captor's eyes. One eye was scarred. It creeped Mikey out just looking at him. There was an annoying blinking red light behind him.

"You know what this is?" Shredder asked pulling an object from behind his back.

"My…nunchaku," Mikey said. His blue eyes dulled as he saw his weapon in the hands of his enemy.

"That's right," Shredder said with a twisted smile. He stretched his arm out and quickly brought it back smacking Mikey with his own weapon. He gave Mikey a few more blows to the head with the weapon before using his clawed weapon on his hand to break the nunchaku in two.

Mikey's breathing was uneven, his head was sore. "S-stop," he said helplessly. Shredder gave a low laugh.

"Splinter must pay for what he has done!" With his claw-like blade he made a gash on Mikey's arm, causing him to whimper. After several more attacks Mikey fell unconscious.

"One last thing," Shredder said he pulled Mikey's orange mask off his face.
The brothers spent all day searching the sewers, starting with the area they last saw Mikey, just  inc ase he showed up. They were very doubtful, but they looked anyway.
Standing on the spot they last saw their brother was hard. It was also the only clue they had. With no real way of knowing what way to go they just took random turns that Donnie documented.
All night while out on patrol they kept and eye out for the Shredder, but they had not seen him since the day he took Mikey. They had not even seen Dogpound around for that matter either. If they saw Purple Dragons they were just normal Dragon slime.

Raph was becoming unbearable to be around. He had been breaking things in the lair and Donnie has been going around trying to repair what was broken. Leo who had an answer for everything was questioning his leadership abilities and would second guess himself when making a decision.

Jumping from rooftop to rooftop they searched the city for Mikey and anybody in need. They stopped when they saw commotion in the alleyway. Jumping down into the shadows they watched.

There was a tall dark figure. "You April O'Neil?" the voice asked.

Donnie and Leo exchanged glances. Raph had his eyes set on dark figure.

"Yes," she said nervously "Who wants to know?" The figured said nothing all he did was hand her a tape with a broken nunchaku tied to it with an orange mask and a note 'To: Hamato Yoshi.' Her eyes widened. "Where did you get this?" she demanded.

"Some guy in an ugly dog costume paid me to bring to an April O'Neil,"

April looked at him.

"He said it was from a-a Splicer?" he was not sure of the name

"Shredder?" April said.

"Yeah that sounds about right," and with that he left. Raph took off after him before Leo could stop him. Leo and Donnie stepped out from the shadows.

"He did not hurt my-" he paused "-our! April did he?" Donnie asked giving the girl a small sympathetic smile.

"No," she said looking at him slightly confused, "but he gave me this," her voice was very quiet, almost sad.

"What is it?" Leo asked while she handed it to him

"It's a Video Home System. It is an analog recording videotape," Donnie said.

"A what?" Leo said

Donnie sighed. "A VHS? Remember them?"

"Oh yeah, well how can we watch it? I though Mikey--" he paused for a moment "broke ours?"

"I have a VCR in the lair," Donnie said with smile.

"Of course you do."

"Where is Raph?" April said

"Chasing that tall guy," Leo said rolling his eyes. "We better go help him before he kills someone."

"Thanks April! See you later!" Donnie said flashing her his missing-tooth smile once again. April just looked at him and then walked back off.  

They soon caught up with Raph. "He really knows nothing," Raph said angrily.

"Let's get back to the lair. Shredder gave us this." Leo showed Raph the bundle.
"Master Splinter," Leonardo called. He handed him the bundle. Splinter looked at the items. He let out a sigh. Handing Donatello the nunchaku and the tape Splinter held the orange mask and note in his paws. Before he opened the note he solemnly held the orange mask to his cheek.  

He lowered his hand, still keeping the mask in his hand he opened the note it simply read 'watch' he cleared his throat. "Donatello, can you play this tape?"

Donatello nodded. He crossed the room and put the tape in the VCR. At first the screen was black and hard to make out, but then it came into focus. They could make out that Mikey was tied to a chair.

They saw Shredder assault Mikey with his own weapon. Then the scene stopped, a new one came. Mikey was still in the chair but this time he was not wearing his orange mask, instead he wore a black one with the Foot Clan symbol on it.

Mikey was mumbling words but they would not make him out. Shredder just kept laughing at him and sunk one of his razor claws into Mikey's shoulder. He then cut up Mikey's arm and then scratched his plastron in several places. Mikey's screams were ear splitting a first and then died down. Using the back of his hand he slapped Mikey across the face causing the chair to fall. He was laying sideways in his own blood.

"S-s-sto-op," Mikey complained. His voice was flat, it did not sound the Michelangelo they knew.

Shredder picked him up by the mask and set him up right. Shredder went to attack again. He raised his fist, he connect with the left side of his face. Mikey's chin dropped to his plastron and fell to one side. He appeared to have knocked unconscious.

"This has to stop!" Raph yelled throwing his sai into the T.V. He was breathing heavy "How can you watch this...this...and do nothing? Leo you're the leader, Donnie you're a genius, Master Splinter you. . ." He stopped himself.

"Raph, I can't watch it either! I have enough control not throw my katana at the TV! That does nothing!"

"That does nothing? You have done nothing! We need to find him!"

"We have been looking, Raph." Leo said trying to keep calm.

"Not good enough! Look what he is going through! It's all YOUR FAULT!"

"My fault? You were the first to say--" Leo's breathing was becoming as heavy as Raph's "You said…" he could not finish the words. "we said," Leo was shaking. "we said. Mikey left and is now getting tortured for what we said." He was numb and cold.

Leo walked over to the TV. He ejected the tape, tossed it in the air, and sliced it with his katana.

"There," he said to Raph "is that something now?"

"And you Donnie!" Raph snapped. "With all them brains you got there is nothing you can do?" His green eyes were blazing.

"It's all our fault, including yours," Donnie said eyeing Raph. He wished he could have done more but there was only so much he could do, with no way of tracking him.

"We need to find him!" Raph repeated.

"It's not like there is going to be a big sign 'Shredder is here'," snapped Leo.

"We need to look better!"

"Then you come up with a plan," Donnie said.

"Donnie," Leo said, "can you run a trace to see where April got that message from? Dogpound might not have gone far to find someone. We would at least know the area."

"I could," Donnie said, "I would just need April's phone." He pulled out his T-Phone and called her. After talking for a few moments Donnie told them that she was on her way.

Splinter remained in the arm chair. The sounds of his sons fighting seamed so far away. He stared at the now broken TV. He brought the orange mask to cheek again. He lost the love of his life and a daughter when he was human. Now as a rat he was not going to lose a son. He picked up the broken nunchaku, and the note and headed to his room. When he got there he placed the broken weapon next to the whole one and laid the mask down, the candle he had lit was now burning very low. He picked up a new candle, lit it from the old one, and replaced it. Once the new flame was burning he brought the note to it, allowing to catch on fire. Once the note turned to ashes he knelt down in front of his small shrine.
When April entered the lair it was eerily quiet, this was her first time down in the lair since Mikey's kidnapping. Raph was staring at the TV with the sai still lodged in the screen and Leo was just staring at the ceiling. She did not know what to say and by what she saw whatever was on the tape was not good. Not that she was expecting it to be. She greeted Leo and Raph but neither one even noticed she was there. She clutched her phone in her hand and walked into Donnie's lab.

Donnie, who always so cheerful, shared the same blank look as his brothers. His eyes were bloodshot and puffy it looked as if he had been crying.

"Donnie," She said gently placing her hand on his shell.

"Oh, hi April," his words had nothing to them they just hung in the air.

"I brought my phone," she said showing it to him.

"Thanks," he hooked it up to his computer with no other words. Any other time Donnie would be thrilled to be alone with April in his lab. His flow chart was hid away, not that it mattered any more.

"Mikey is going to be all right, I just know it!" April said giving him a small smile.

"We're supposed to be team. It's always me and Mikey," Donnie started to tell her. "When Raph said...when Raph said," he was starting to break down "said that he did not want to work with Mikey I should I have said I would."

He was crying now. April was caught off guard. She hugged him. No matter what she told him it would not help. Right now he just needed a shoulder to cry on.

"I'm sure Mikey does not blame you. That is not who he is."

Donnie just looked at her. "Mikey does not have to blame me. I blame myself."

"Donnie," April said softly "the scan is back." He looked at her blankly "it was sent from the Bronx."

"The Bronx," Donnie repeated. "Guess that is where Shredder keeps his evil empire," Donnie stood up. "Guys!" he called it finally hit him---they had a lead!

"Yeah Donnie," Leo said.

"We have a lead!" A smile crossed his face. "The Bronx."

"Let's go get our brother back!"

"April, can you wait here just in case?" Donnie asked, the missing tooth smile that she liked now crossed his face.

"Yes, whatever I can do to help," she smiled. "Be safe!"

In their haste they did not tell Splinter. April went down the hall to tell him. "Master Splinter," she called. There was no response. Nervously she slid open the shoji screen to his room, but she did not enter. Splinter was sitting cradling the nunchaku and orange mask. Silent tears slipped down his face. She wiped a tear from her own eyes. Splinter looked up at the young girl he was training. He walked to the door keeping Mikey's possessions in his paws.

"What is it my student?" he asked.

"We think he's in the Bronx," she said, "the guys just left."

Splinter just nodded. "I will be here if you need anything."

April stepped back and slid the door shut. She waited in Donnie's lab reading a random book that she found, waiting to see if she was needed.
Using the subway tunnels and the sewers they finally made their way to the Bronx. The jumped topside.

After some searching the trio found an abandoned apartment complex.

"Good as place as any to start. Be ready" Leo said as Raph pried open the door with his sai. Leo has his kanatas drawn. Donnie walked with his bo staff sticking out in front of him. Raph held his twin sai ready to throw.

It was dark and they kept bumping into each other until their eyes adjusted. Every creek in the floorboards make them look around extra cautiously. A police car went flying by with the sirens blasting, causing them to jump slightly. When they got to a door, Raph would turn the knob, Donnie would push the door open with his bō, and Leo watched their backs.

They made their way to the fourth floor. Down at the end of the hall there was beam of light that could be seen under the door. Swiftly they made their way to the door.
Chapter 2

After none of his brothers want to work with him, Mikey runs off and finds himself in a dangerous position; Shredder's captive. Will Leo, Raph and Donnie ever learn their lesson?

I have this posted over on [link], but I decided to post it here.

Rated T over on FF but I know if it should really get the "mature" warning over here so for right now I will keep it off.

Next Chapter:[link]
Previous Chapter: [link]
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